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What people are saying about DVVI treatments.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials our patients have sent us about Desert Vein & Vascular Institute. Dr. Sivia and Dr. Yu provide a compassionate, leading-edge and results-focused approach to resolving varicose veins and venous disease.

“I would like to thank Dr. Sivia and his nurses for all of their professionalism and polite behavior while receiving the ClosureFast™ procedure.  Dr. Sivia is a genius!  The entire staff is always very helpful and polite.  I will definitely recommend Dr. Sivia to everyone!”
– Vicki C.

“The office at Desert Vein and Vascular is beautiful and the whole team is very cordial and professional.  Well done!”

– James P.

“I love coming to Desert Vein and Vascular Institute because I am treated like family, not a patient.  Thank you for everything!”

– Frank P.

“Thank you so much for all of the work that was done on my legs.  I am now able to walk, swim, bike, and play tennis without any pain.  Now, as a result, I am finally able to lose weight and get in shape!  Thank you Dr. Sivia, and the entire staff at Desert Vein and Vascular Institute!”

– Marc H., Carlsbad, CA

“Dr. Sivia and his staff are all very attentive and caring and always very thorough with their explanations of any procedure I am going to have.  I will definitely return and I will highly recommend Desert Vein and Vascular Institute to my friends and family. ”
 – Darlene B.

“After many months of pain and discomfort due to blocked arteries in my leg(s), I had surgery at DVVI to clean out the blockage and, if necessary, place stents. I am so pleased with my results and to be able to walk without the pain! I would definitely recommend Dr. Sivia to anyone with circulation-related problems or in need of vascular surgery. He’s a very caring doctor. He explained my procedure carefully and thoroughly. He let me ask all the questions needed to be sure that I truly understood the surgery I was to have. He is a very kind and gentle man who is dedicated to his profession.”
-Virginia A.

Dr. Son Ha Yu performed saphenous vein ablation on my left leg in October 2014.   A couple of weeks after the procedure was performed, the swelling in my left leg subsided with decreased pain. In January 2015, Dr. Yu performed sclerotherapy on the same leg. I have had excellent results from the treatments that I received. I highly recommend Dr. Yu to my friends and my patients.”
– Denny G. Mauricio, M.D., Rancho Mirage

“I had spider veins for three years. Dr. Sivia had me wear compression stockings, but they didn’t work, so I had an ablation done. I was extremely pleased with the results. The office is beautiful, great staff, and the procedure wasn’t painful. Dr. Sivia really took the time to explain the procedure, possible complications, and what to expect as an outcome.”
– G.P., Rancho Mirage

“I had spider veins with inflammation most of my adult life with swelling for over a year. I was told that I could continue with compression stockings for the rest of my life or have the ClosureFast™ Procedure to collapse the vein. Overall, I am very pleased and have already recommended DVVI to a friend. I loved the staff… they were all very professional and helpful.”
– A.C., Palm Springs

“I suffered with varicose veins for over 10 years. Dr. Sivia performed an ultrasound exam on my leg and decided the ClosureFast™ Procedure would be the best solution. I am thrilled with my results! I have already recommended Dr. Sivia to several friends. My entire experience at Desert Vein & Vascular Institute was excellent. The staff were all so friendly and knowledgeable and Dr. Sivia was very patient and took the time to answer all of my questions.”
– J.M., La Quinta

“I had very painful varicose veins in my left leg for about six years. DVVI recommended an ablation of the varicose vein in my left leg. I was extremely pleased with the results. No more pain when I sit, stand or walk. The staff and Dr. Sivia were very accommodating. They made sure I understood everything.”
– K.T., Palm Desert

“Dr. Sivia offered a new treatment called VenaSeal. I was very pleased and surprised how pain free it was. I had vein stripping about 25 years ago. I was sedated and leg wrapped for about a week and extremely sore. With Dr. Sivia’s method, I actually played golf the same afternoon of my procedure and was pain-free!”
– J.S., Indio

“Dear Sarah:

I am a patient of Dr. Yu…I had an incident Friday nite, was seen in Eisenhower ER and referred to your office by Dr. Alan Williamson…Monday, I had a very pleasant conversation with Katy – Tuesday I had an ultrasound and Wed. I saw Dr. Yu, who did a Sclerotherapy procedure…I am set to have a second procedure with him on the 19th…

I worked in surgery in both Sherman Oaks Community Hospital and St. Joseph’s in Burbank and truthfully, have never been treated so well…the office is clean and beautiful, the staff well trained and knowledgeable, the Dr. very special…how can I thank you…I am grateful for the great experience I have had and hope to continue to have…

Many many thanks…I have already spread the word about your office…”

– N.A.

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