Why Is Venaseal The #1 Treatment For Varicose Veins?

The treatment of varicose veins goes back to at least 400 B.C., the time of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. The pain, discomfort, and unsightly appearance have all been factors in pursuing treatment of the vascular disease which commonly occurs near the surface of the skin in legs.

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Treatment has evolved greatly over time. What was once a surgical procedure requiring a significant recovery time has been replaced in the last several years with an outpatient appointment and near immediate recovery for most patients. VenaSeal™ is the revolutionary product that has made this possible.

The human body uses blood to deliver essential oxygen and nutrients to various tissues, while also removing waste materials. Veins are the fleshy vessels which carry the depleted blood back toward the heart for rejuvenation. The largest network of veins passes through the legs, which carry blood along the long pathway, fighting against the effects of gravity.

The vessels have one-way valves along the inner walls, which aid the flow of blood in one direction. Sometimes these vein walls can lose their rigid structure, degrading the valves and allowing blood to pool or flow backward. These veins often run near the surface of the skin and can appear twisted, swollen, and discolored. This can cause pain, discomfort, and loss of function. It can also lead to the formation of dangerous blood clots. These are varicose veins.

Approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in 2015, VenaSeal™ has many qualities which make it ideal for the treatment of varicose veins. The process involves a minimally invasive approach delivered through a simple needle puncture. Multiple applications can be injected into various vein segments as needed. VenaSeal™ also differs from other procedures as it does not require tumescent anesthesia, which can cause tissue firmness and swell the targeted area.

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VenaSeal™ uses a medical adhesive injected into the affected vein area. This closes the damaged vein from further blood flow and pooling, while contracting the stretched tissue walls. Other nearby blood vessels share the additional workflow and normal body functions continue.

The minimally invasive and highly effective varicose vein treatment typically results in a rapid recovery for most patients. Some resume physical activity immediately, with pain-free results and a vastly improved lifestyle.

Due to the large population centers, active lifestyle, hospitality-based occupations, and aesthetic values, Southern California is one of the leading markets for varicose vein treatment. The team at Empire Vein Specialists has become the #1 provider of VenaSeal™ varicose vein treatment in the United States, having successfully treated thousands of patients. The doctors are expertly trained, board-certified, and highly specialized in the diagnosis and repair of varicose veins.

Leg pain caused by varicose veins often affects people who stand for extended periods of time, pregnant women, and those with careers such as teacher, nurse, hospitality worker, police, maintenance, and factory worker. If you or someone you know experiences chronic leg pain or other varicose vein conditions, please consult a physician immediately.

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