Desert Vein & Vascular Institute offers various vein and varicose treatment options, including Venaseal, the latest, breakthrough treatment.

The doctors at Desert Vein & Vascular Institute are the Coachella Valley’s only full-time, board-certified vascular surgeons specializing exclusively in treating your varicose vein disease. They have treated hundreds of local patients and visitors to the area and guided them on their road to recovery from vein disease. They have always used the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques.

After your complimentary ultrasound evaluation, you will meet with one of our board certified vein specialists to discuss the best treatment for you. Learn more about the services offered by Desert Vein & Vascular Institute below.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether the discomfort in your legs is just one of those common aches or pains resulting from a busy day, or whether it is symptomatic of a larger problem that requires medical care. Take our quiz and discover whether you might qualify for treatment for vein or vascular issues at Desert Vein and Vascular Institute.


Vein Treatments

For the treatment of varicose veins, Desert Vein and Vascular Institute offers:

Vascular services

DVVI uses the most up-to-date, effective procedures.

Are you feeling shortness of breath? Weakness or tingling on one side of your body? Unable to control the movement of a leg? Unable to speak clearly? Pain in your jaw, neck, upper back, or chest? Or perhaps discomfort in your legs when you walk? These are all potential symptoms of the serious vascular conditions listed below.

Our board-certified physicians are the only full-time, board-certified vascular specialists in the Coachella Valley, dedicated exclusively to treating vascular conditions with non-invasive and minimally invasive solutions.

They begin by accurately diagnosing vascular problems through Doppler Duplex Ultrasound Imaging to determine the extent of your particular medical issue, revealing pictures of potential problems beneath your skin. Once our DVVI vascular surgeons have evaluated your individual needs, they can determine the best treatment option for you, which may include one or more of the following procedures: